COMBINA Function in Excel – Return the number of combination with repetition

The COMBINA function in Excel calculates the number of combinations of a given number objects from the set with repetition.

For any 4 objects a,b,c,d there are 10 different combination of two objects

ab ac ad bc bd cd aa bb cc dd

Syntax of COMBINA Function in Excel



number The number of objects in the set
number_chosen The number of objects to be chosen from the set


Example of COMBINA Function in Excel


COMBINA Function in Excel 1

  • In Row number 2, combination of two sets has to be chosen from 4 objects (a,b,c,d). and those sets are ab, ac, ad, bc, bd, cd, aa, bb, cc, and dd.

Similarly other combinations with repetition are calculated, so the result will be


COMBINA Function in Excel 2

#NUM! Error occurs if the supplied number argument is negative.

#NUM! Error occurs if number_chosen Argument is greater than number argument.

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