DAYS Function in Excel – calculate Number of Days between Two Dates in Excel

DAYS Function in Excel returns the number of days between two dates.

Syntax of DAYS Function in Excel:

  • First Argument is End date
  • Second Argument is Start date


Example of DAYS Function in Excel:


days function in excel 1

  • Row number 2 calculates Difference between Jan-1-2017 to Feb-1-2017 which are 31 days
  • Start Date has to be less than end date or else it will result in negative vale which -31 days in row number 3.
  • If Start Date and End Date are same then difference between two days will be 0 days Which is shown in row number 4
  • Row number 5 calculates difference between Feb-1-2015 to Feb-1-2017, which is 731 days


days function in excel 2

Note on Errors of DAYS Function in Excel:

  • #NUM! – Occurs if one or both of the supplied end_date and start_date arguments are numeric values, but are not recognized as valid dates.
  • #VALUE! – Occurs if one or both of the supplied start_date and end_date arguments are text values that cannot be interpreted as dates.

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