DEVSQ Function in Excel – Calculate the sum of squared deviation in Excel

DEVSQ function in Excel calculates the sum of the squared deviations from the supplied numbers.

The sum of squared Deviation is calculated by the following Formula

DEVSQ function in Excel 1Where,

  • X takes each value in the set;
  • X̄ is the average of the set of values;

Syntax of DEVSQ Function in Excel:

DEVSQ (number1, [number2], … )

Where the number arguments are numeric values for which you want to calculate the sum of the squared deviation.


Example of DEVSQ Function in Excel

DEVSQ Function in Excel 1

The Above example calculates the sum of squared deviations of subject scores with formula

= DEVSQ (A2:A13)

Which results in value 1965.66667

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