Excel Bubble Chart

Bubble Chart in Excel

In Excel Bubble Chart is the variation of Scatter chart and its data is plotted as bubble. If your data has three series of values then you can represent it with the help of bubble chart, So that one data series takes up x axis, other data series takes up y axis and the third data series is plotted as a size of bubble .

Data used for creation of Bubble chart in Excel is shown below

TemperatureNumber of ice creams soldRevenue

Lets discuss how to create Bubble Chart in Excel Step by Step

Excel Bubble Chart Step 1:

Select the data and click insert -> Scatter (X, Y) or Bubble Chart -> Bubble chart  as shown below

excel bubble chart 1 bubble chart in excel

Excel Bubble Chart Step 2 :

Right click on the bubble and chose select data option

excel bubble chart 2 bubble chart in excel

Excel Bubble Chart Step 3:

On Select data option click Edit then,

  • Type the series name as Ice Cream Sales vs Temp.
  • Assign X values from A2:A15(Temperature)
  • Assign Y Values from B2:B15(Number of Ice creams sold)
  • Assign the Bubble Size as C2:C15(Revenue)

Then Click okexcel bubble chart 3 bubble chart in excel

Now the chart will be looking like


excel bubble chart 4 bubble chart in excel

Excel Bubble Chart Step 4:

Right Click on the Horizontal Axis, chose Format Axis , under Axis Options Increase the Minimum as shown below so that the chart becomes clearly Visible. Do the same for the vertical Axis as well

excel bubble chart 5 bubble chart in excel

So the final Excel Bubble chart will be like

excel bubble chart 6 bubble chart in excel

There you go !! you successfully created Bubble chart in Excel

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