FLOOR.MATH Function in Excel

FLOOR.MATH Function in Excel rounds down a supplied number (regardless of the significance’s sign), to the nearest multiple of a given number.

  • Positive values are rounded towards zero (which becomes less positive)
  • If mode=0 then Negative numbers are rounded away from zero(which becomes more negative)
  • If mode=any other value then Negative numbers are rounded towards zero


Syntax of FLOOR.MATH Function in Excel

FLOOR.MATH( number, [significance],[mode])

number – The Number to be rounded down

significance– Multiple of Significance to which the number has to be rounded to

mode – If [mode] = 0 (or is omitted), negative numbers are rounded away from zero.

               If [mode]= any other numeric value, negative numbers are rounded towards zero

Note: the arithmetic sign of the [significance] argument is ignored.


Example of FLOOR.MATH Function in Excel


FLOOR.MATH Function in Excel 1

  • 15.25 with significance 1 and -1 will result in 15  irrespective of mode value
  • Mode value matters when number is negative (highlighted in pink color)
  • -15.25 with significance 1 and mode 0 will result in -16 (rounded away from zero)
  • -15.25 with significance -1 and mode non ZERO will result in -15 (rounded towards zero)
  • FLOOR.MATH rounds down regardless of significance sign, which means that there is no difference between -1 and 1 of significance values

FLOOR.MATH Function in Excel 2

Note: #VALUE! Error occurs if the supplied arguments are non-numeric.

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