IMREAL Function in Excel – Get the Real coefficient of a complex number

IMREAL Function in Excel returns the real coefficient of a complex number.

Real coefficient of complex number is the coefficient of real value.The real coefficient of the complex number, z = x + iy is x.


Syntax of IMREAL Function in Excel 

IMREAL ( inumber )

Where inumber argument is a Complex Number.


Example of IMREAL Function in Excel


IMREAL Function in Excel 1

  • From Row number 2 to 5 IMREAL Function takes up complex number as a reference
  • In row number 6 IMREAL Function takes up complex number(imaginary component) as a value which should be enclosed in double quotes. It returns 0 because there is no real component.
  • In row number 7 IMREAL Function takes up real component as a value which returns 4.


IMREAL Function in Excel 2

NOTE: #NUM! – Error occurs if,

  • supplied inumber argument is not recognized as a complex number.

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