IMSUM Function in Excel – Sum of complex numbers in Excel

IMSUM Function in Excel returns the sum of two or more complex numbers. IMSUM Function can add up to 255 complex numbers.

Sum of Complex numbers:

When adding complex numbers, the real and imaginary components are added separately.

i.e. the sum of two complex numbers a+bi and c+di is: (a+bi) + (c+di) = (a+c) + (b+d)i


Syntax of IMSUM Function in Excel 

IMSUM( inumber1, inumber2, … )


  • inumber – arguments are the Complex Numbers that you want to add.


Example of IMSUM Function in Excel


IMSUM Function in Excel 1

  • IMSUM Function takes up two or more complex numbers( real component and imaginary component) and adds them up
  • As we already discussed in complex number real and imaginary components are added separately.


IMSUM Function in Excel 2

NOTE: #NUM! – Error occurs if,

  • supplied inumber arguments are not recognized as a complex number.

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