MOD Function in Excel – Get the modulus value in Excel

The MOD function in Excel returns the remainder of the division i.e. modulus value, when number and divisor is passed as input.

Syntax of MOD Function in Excel

MOD( number, divisor )

number – The Number to be divided

divisor – The Number that divides.


Example of MOD Function in Excel

MOD Function in Excel 1
  • In row number 2 and 3, both Number and Divisor have positive values
  • In row number 4 Number is negative and Divisor have positive value
  • In row number 5 Number is positive and Divisor have negative value
  • Row number 6 Numerator and Denominator are passed as values rather than cell reference

MOD Function in Excel 2

Note: #VALUE! Error occurs if the supplied number argument is non-numeric.

#DIV/0! Error occurs if the divisor argument is Zero

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