Multinomial Function in Excel

Multinomial function in Excel calculates the ratio of the factorial of a sum of supplied values to the product of factorials of those values.

i.e.  Multinomial (x1,x2,x3….xn) =   (x1+x2+x3….+xn) / x1!x2!x3!….xn!

Syntax of Multinomial Function in Excel

Multinomial(number1, [number2], …)

Where number is the Positive number that you want to calculate the Multinomial Function of.


Example of Multinomial Function in Excel


MULTINOMIAL Function in Excel 1

In Row number 1 values 3,4and 5 are passed as input to multinomial functions so it calculates as follows (3+4+5)! / (3!*4!*5!) so the Resultant value will be 27720.

Similarly multinomial Function calculates for other values too

So the result will be


MULTINOMIAL Function in Excel 2

#NUM! Error occurs if the supplied number argument is negative.

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