QUOTIENT function in Excel – Get division quotient in Excel

QUOTIENT function in Excel returns the integer portion of Division .i.e. Quotient portion of division.

Syntax of QUOTIENT Function in Excel

QUOTIENT( numerator, denominator )

numerator – The Number to be divided

denominator – The Number that divides.


Example of QUOTIENT Function in Excel


QUOTIENT Function in Excel 1

  • In row number 2 and 3, both Numerator and Denominator have positive values
  • In row number 4 Numerator is negative and Denominator have positive value
  • In row number 5 Numerator is positive and Denominator have negative value
  • Row number 6 Numerator and Denominator are passed as values rather than cell reference

So the result will be


QUOTIENT Function in Excel 2

Note: #VALUE! Error occurs if the supplied number argument is non-numeric.

#DIV/0! Error occurs if the denominator argument is Zero

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