RIGHT Function in Excel – Extract last n characters

RIGHT Function in Excel extract last n characters, Right Function in Excel returns the specified number of characters from the end of a string i.e. from Right of a string.

Syntax of RIGHT Function in Excel

RIGHT( text, [num_chars] )


  • text –Text String
  • [num_chars] – An optional argument that specifies the number of characters to be returned from the end of the text string.

If nothing is given then default value 1 is taken.


Example of RIGHT Function in Excel:


RIGHT Function in Excel 1

  • In row number 2, RIGHT function only takes up text argument and [num_chars] is omitted so only one value from the end of the string is returned(last value is returned).
  • In row number 3 to 6, RIGHT function takes up text argument and [num_chars] argument so the specified set of values from the end of the string is returned.

So the result will be


RIGHT Function in Excel 2

Note: #VALUE! Error occurs if the supplied [num_chars] argument is < 0.

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