RSQ Function in Excel – Calculate R Square in Excel

RSQ Function in Excel calculates the R Square i.e. it calculates the square of the Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient for two supplied sets of values.


R SQUARE for two sets of values, x and y, is given by the formula:

RSQ Function in Excel 1

where x and y are the sample means of the two arrays of values.


Syntax of RSQ Function in Excel (R Square Function):

RSQ( known_y’s, known_x’s )

Where known_y’s and known_x’s are two arrays of numeric values that are of equal length which you want to calculate the R square of.


Example of RSQ Function in Excel (R Square Function):

RSQ Function in Excel 2

The column X and Y contains the two array values.  R square of these values can be calculated using formula

=RSQ( A2:A15, B2:B15 )

as shown in the above example. This result in the value of 0.807681.



  • #N/A – Occurs if the supplied arrays are of different lengths.

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