SEARCH Function in Excel

SEARCH Function in Excel returns the position of a specified character or sub-string within a supplied text string.

Search Function is not case sensitive whereas FIND Function is case sensitive.


Syntax of SEARCH Function in Excel :

SEARCH( search_text, within_text, [start_num] )


  • search_text – The character or sub-string that you wish to find the position of.
  • within_text – The text string that is to be searched.
  • [start_num] – An optional argument that specifies the position in the within_text string, from which the search should begin. Default is 1 which begin the search at the start of the within_text string.


Example of SEARCH Function in Excel :


SEARCH Function in Excel 1

  • In Row number 2 to 5, SEARCH Function returns the position of the given substring in the corresponding string.
  • Row number 6 returns position of the occurrence of “i” in the string (first occurrence)
  • Row number 7 returns position of the occurrence of “i”, starting from the 10th character of the string.
  • Row number 8 returns position of the occurrence of “INDIA”, since the SEARCH Function is not case sensitive, it returns the position of “India”.


SEARCH Function in Excel 2

NOTE: #VALUE! Error Occurs if

  • The supplied find_text is not found in the supplied within_text string

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