SECOND Function in Excel – Get Seconds from Time in Excel

SECOND Function in excel returns Second by taking time as input. Value returned by SECOND Function is number between 0 and 59.

Syntax for SECOND Function in Excel:

= SECOND (serial_number)

serial_number is a valid form that excel recognizes, serial_number can be

  • A decimal representation of an Excel time
  • A text representation of a time
  • Reference cell containing time value
  • Time returned from any other excel functions

Let’s see each with an example

Example of SECOND Function in Excel


SECOND Function in Excel 1


SECOND Function in Excel 2

  • In Row number 2 and 3, 24 hour format is passed to the SECOND Function.
  • Row number 4, row takes up 12 hour format
  • Row number 5, takes up decimal representation of time.
  • Row number 6, ignores the date format and takes up only time format and Extracts SECOND from it
  • Row number 7 takes up text input in 24 hour format
  • Row number 8 takes text input in 12 hour format

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