SMALL Function in Excel – Return Kth Smallest Value in Excel

SMALL Function in Excel returns the Kth Smallest value from an array of numeric values.

Syntax of SMALL Function in Excel:

SMALL( array, k )
  • array – An array of numeric values from which you want to find the k’th smallest value.
  • K- The index. Value of K that is passed to find the kth smallest value.


Example of SMALL Function in Excel:


SMALL Function in Excel 1

  • First Example finds the smallest value
  • Second Example finds the 2nd smallest value
  • Third Example finds the 5th smallest value
  • Fourth Example finds the 7th smallest value

So the result will be


SMALL Function in Excel 2

NOTE: #NUM! – Error Occurs:

  • If the supplied value of k is less than 1 or greater than the number of values in the supplied array
  • If the supplied array is empty

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