Sparklines in Excel

What are Sparklines?

Sparklines in Excel are actually a tiny chart in the background of a cell. SparkLines in Excel are used to understand the pattern of data at a quick glance. Data presented in a row or column is useful, but patterns can be hard to spot at a glance so we use sparklines.

Data used for creation of sparklines in Excel is shown below


Lets see how to create sparklines in Excel

Excel Sparklines Step1:

Select an empty cell or group of empty cells in which you want to insert one or more sparklines.

Excel Sparklines Step 2:

click on the Insert tab, in the Sparklines group, click the type of sparkline that you want to create: Line, Column, or Win/Loss

sparklines in excel 1

Excel Sparklines Step 3:

Chose the data range that you create the spark line as shown below and click OK

sparklines in excel 2

Excel Sparklines Step 4:

you will get the sparkline for that particular row. Now you drag the sparkline cell so that you gets sparklines for all the rows. So the sheet will be like

sparklines in excel 3

Excel Sparklines Step 5: Customize sparklines

you can customize the sparklines by clicking design tab, you can chose the sparkline color. click on the marker check box to get the data points marked.

sparklines in excel 4

You can also show the highest or the lowest values by selecting the High Point or Low Point check boxes.

You can also show the first or the last values, by selecting the First Point or Last Point check boxes.

we have successfully created sparklines in excel

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