STDEVPA Function in Excel

STDEVPA function in Excel calculates the population standard deviation of a supplied set of values.

Population Standard Deviation is calculated using formula

STDEVPA function in Excel 1


  • X takes each value in the set;
  • X̄ is the average of the set of values;
  • N is the number of values.


Syntax of STDEVPA Function in Excel:

STDEVPA (number1, [number2], … )

Where the number arguments are numeric values for which you want to calculate the population standard deviation.


Example of STDEVPA Function in Excel

STDEVPA function in Excel 2

  • Logical values, within arrays or reference arguments are counted in STDEVPA Function where FALSE is taken as 0 and TRUE is taken as 1.
  • Text values are taken as 0 in STDEVPA Function
  • Empty cells are ignored in STDEVPA Function.

The Above example calculates the sample standard deviation of subject scores with formula

= STDEVPA (A2:A13)

Which results in value 30.4886135

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