SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel – Substitute the Values in Excel

SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel substitutes one or more instances of a given text string with another string.

Syntax of SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel:

SUBSTITUTE( text, old_text, new_text, [instance_num] )


  • text – The original text string, that you want to replace/substitute a part of.
  • old_text – The sub-string that is to be found and replaced by
  • new_text –The new text string that is to be used to replace the
  • [instance_num] – An optional argument which specifies which occurrence of old_text should be replaced by the new_text.
    • If a value of [instance_num] is specified, just that instance of the old_text is replaced
    • Otherwise, all instances of old_text are replaced with the new_text.


Example of SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel:


SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel 1

  • In Row number 2, SUBSTITUTE Function substitutes “a” with “i” in all the occurrences
  • In Row number 3, SUBSTITUTE Function replaces “a” with “i” in the second occurrence.

And so on, so the result will be.


SUBSTITUTE Function in Excel 2

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