SUMX2MY2 function in Excel – Calculate Sum of differences of Squares in Excel

SUMX2MY2 Function in Excel calculates and returns the sum of differences of squares of numbers that has been passed as input.

SUMX2MY2 Function in Excel 1

The SUMX2MY2 can be decoded as SUM of X2 Minus Y2

Syntax of SUMX2MY2 function in Excel

SUMX2MY2( array_x, array_y )

Argument array are array of numeric values which should be of equal length


Example of SUMX2MY2 function in Excel

The spreadsheets below show two examples of the Sum of differences of squares in Excel.


SUMX2MY2 Function in Excel 2

The arguments to the SUMX2MY2 function can be given as input directly or as references to cells containing values

So the result will be


SUMX2MY2 Function in Excel 3

NOTE :  #VALUE! Error occurs if the input arrays have different dimension

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