TRIMMEAN Function in Excel – Calculate truncated mean in Excel

TRIMMEAN function in Excel calculates the trimmed mean or truncated mean of a supplied set of values.


  • The Trimmed Mean first discards some of the values at either end of the range, and then calculates the arithmetic mean of the remaining values.
  • This prevents the mean being skewed because of extreme values.

Syntax of TRIMMEAN Function in Excel:

TRIMMEAN( array, percent )

array      – An array of numeric values, for which you want to calculate the trimmed mean.

percent – The percentage of values to be discarded from the supplied array.


Example of TRIMMEAN Function in Excel:


TRIMMEAN function in Excel 1

  • Cells containing Text values, logical values, or no value are ignored by Excel TRIMMEAN Function.
  • Truncated mean is calculated row wise in above example
  • In the first example percentage of trimmed values is 20% e. 2 values, so 1 value will be discarded from each end of the range before calculating the mean of the remaining values

Similarly other truncated means are calculated and result will be


TRIMMEAN function in Excel 2


#NUM! Error Occurs if:

  • The supplied percent argument is < 0 or ≥1 which less than 0% and greater than 100 %.


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