Absolute function in R – abs()

Absolute function in R – abs(), computes the absolute value of numeric data. abs() function in R is used to get the absolute value of Column in a dataframe, Absolute value of the matrix and vectors. Let’s see an example for each on how absolute method is used.

Absolute function in R – abs() 0


Syntax for absolute function in R:

 #abs function in R - abs


[1] 12.5

[1] 12.5



absolute of vectors in R:

# absolute function in R- abs,for vector

x = c(-2.2,3.4,0,3.45,8,-4.5) 

[1] 2.20   3.40   0.00    3.45    8.00    4.50




absolute of matrix in R:

# absolute function for matrix in R

x = matrix(c(-2,3,-5,3,-6,4),nrow=3,ncol=2,byrow=TRUE)

all the negative values of a matrix are turned to positive in above abs function


       [,1] [,2]

[1,]    2    3

[2,]    5    3

[3,]    6    4




Absolute value of column in R data frame :

lets use the below data frame in R to demonstrate absolute method for data frame.

Absolute function in R – abs() 1

# absolute function for a data frame in R

df$Absolute_Score = abs(df$Score)

in the above example, absolute function is applied to a column named “Score” in df data frame.

so the output will be
Absolute function in R – abs() 2


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