This site helps you learn the concepts of data science and implement the analysis with the help of R, SAS, WPS and Python.

For Whom this site is for?

This Site will be helpful for

  • Data Science professionals
  • Statistics and machine learning Students
  • Research analysts
  • Anyone who is interested in learning and implementing Analytics


Learn R: What is R?

Over view of R: R is a programming language and software environment for statistical analysis, graphics representation and reporting. R ...
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Python Tutorial for Data Science

We have developed Python programming Tutorial for Data Science. We have designed Python tutorial for data science which is suitable ...
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Pyspark Tutorial

In this Tutorial we will be explaining Pyspark concepts one by one. This set of tutorial on pyspark is designed to ...
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SAS Tutorial 1

In this Tutorial we will be explaining SAS concepts one by one. This set of tutorial on SAS is designed ...
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