SAS Learning 2

In this Topic we will be explaining SAS concepts one by one. This set of Learning on SAS is designed to make SAS learning quick and easy.  lets get started with SAS section. In this SAS section we will be focusing on SAS Sampling techniques , PROC FREQ , column bind etc

python basics tutorial

Simple Random Sampling in SAS
Stratified Sampling in SAS
Ceil or Round up, Floor or Round down, Round off in SAS
PROC FREQ in SAS Explained
Count of Missing Values in SAS – Row wise & column wise
Concatenate Two Columns in SAS
Difference between CAT, CATT, CATS, CATX function in SAS
Remove leading, trailing, all space SAS- strip(), trim() & compress()
Convert to upper UPCASE(), lower LOWCASE() and proper case PROPCASE() in SAS
Typecast character to numeric – INPUT() and numeric to character – PUT() SAS
Mean Median and Mode in SAS – Row wise and column wise
Maximum and Minimum in SAS – Row wise and column wise
Variance and Standard Deviation in SAS – Row wise and column wise
Log function in SAS – LOG, LOG2, LOG10
Absolute value of column in SAS – ABS() function
PROC TRANSPOSE- Reshape table Long to Wide; Wide to Long
Keep Drop statements in SAS – keep column name like; Drop Column name like SAS
Raised to Power in SAS – Power Function in SAS – square squareroot ,cube, cuberoot
Sum Function in SAS – Row wise and column wise sum in SAS
Column bind in SAS
Row bind in SAS
Count of Non Missing Values in SAS – Non Missing across rows and columns


python basics tutorial


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