SAS Learning

In this Section we will be explaining SAS concepts one by one. This set of topics on SAS is designed to make SAS learning quick and easy.  lets get started with SAS Learning. In this SAS Learning section we will be focusing on SAS Ranking , summary statistics, PROC SORT etc

SAS basics tutorial

Ranking of column in SAS – PROC RANK
Count Distinct Value of column in SAS
Substring in sas – extract first n & last n character
INTNX in SAS – Add date and time
Populate current date and current datetime in SAS
Populate first and last day of month and Year SAS
Difference between two dates in days weeks months quarter and years in SAS
Difference between two datetime in hours,minutes and seconds in SAS
INTCK function in SAS difference between two dates and timestamp
Extract date and time from timestamp in SAS – datepart()
Extract hours, minutes and seconds from timestamp in SAS
Extract day, month and year from date or timestamp in SAS
Get Day of month, Day of year and Day of week from date in SAS
Extract Week Number (week of year) and month number from date in SAS
Summary or Descriptive statistics in SAS
Rename column name in SAS
Re Arrange or Re order column name in SAS
Sort Table in SAS – PROC SORT
Split Train and Test data in SAS


SAS basics tutorial


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    With close to 10 years on Experience in data science and machine learning Have extensively worked on programming languages like R, Python (Pandas), SAS, Pyspark.