splitlines() Function in Python

The splitlines() Function in python splits the string at line breaks and returns a list of lines in the string.

Syntax of splitlines() Function in Python:


str –  is the string object


Example of splitlines() Function in Python:

# splitlines with new lines
solar="mercury\n venus\n earth\n mars\n Jupiter\n"

# splitlines with carriage return
continents ="Asia\r Africa\r Europe\r NA\r SA\r Australia\r"

# splitlines with both newline and carriage return
countries="Russia\n UK\r USA\r France\n India\n"

The splitlines() splits the line on \n and \r boundaries in above example. So the output will be

[‘mercury’, ‘ venus’, ‘ earth’, ‘ mars’, ‘ Jupiter’]
[‘Asia’, ‘ Africa’, ‘ Europe’, ‘ NA’, ‘ SA’, ‘ Australia’]
[‘Russia’, ‘ UK’, ‘ USA’, ‘ France’, ‘ India’]


The splitline() Function splits into lines on below mentioned separators


\nLine Feed
\rCarriage Return
\r\nCarriage Return + Line Feed
\v  or  \x0bLine Tabulation
\f  or  \x0cForm Feed
\x1cFile Separator
\x1dGroup Separator
\x1eRecord Separator
\x85Next Line (C1 Control Code)
\u2028Line Separator
\u2029Paragraph Separator

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