R Programming – Beginners , intermediate and Advanced

We have developed an R programming session for Beginners and intermediate level. As you move on you will find this R Programming session is for Advanced level as well. We have dedicated this R Session for wide variety of R Geeks. Right from Beginner to Expert Level. Hope you Enjoys this R programming  Session. Lets get Started

R Tutorial for Beginners

R Programming  for Beginners:

  1. How to install R on Windows
  2. How to install RStudio on Windows
  3. Reading and Writing in R
  4. if else condition in R
  5. For Loop in R
  6. Vector in R
  7. List in R
  8. matrix in R
  9. Array in R
  10. Factors in R
  11. Data Frame in R

R Programming  for Intermediate:

  1. Join in R: How to join (merge) data frames (inner, outer, left, right) in R
  2. Apply Function in R – apply vs lapply vs sapply vs mapply vs tapply vs rapply vs vapply
  3. R Pie Chart
  4. R Bar Chart
  5. R Boxplot
  6. R Histogram
  7. R Line Plot
  8. R Scatter Plot
  9. Matplot in R
  10. Dot plot in R
  11. Mosaic plot in R
  12. Quantile – Quantile plot in R
  13. Add Legend to a plot with Legend Function in R
  14. How to Concatinate in R with Cat Function
  15. Paste Function in R
  16. Unique Function in R
  17. Generate Sample with Sample Function in R
  18. Generate sample with set.seed function in R
  19. Substring Function in R
  20. Table Function in R
  21. sub() and gsub() function in R
  22. String Split with strsplit function in R
  23. With and Within Function in R
  24. Generate sequence with seq() function in R
  25. Aggregate() Function in R
  26. by() Function in R
  27. stack and unstack function in R
  28. Union in R
  29. Intersect in R with intersect function
  30. Match Function in R
  31. Row bind data frames with Rbind function in R
  32. cbind in R – Column bind using cbind function
  33. How to sort in R with sort function and order function
  34. Correlation in R
  35. Rank Function in R
  36. Range Function in R
  37. Round Function in R:
  38. Floor and ceiling in R
  39. Truncate function in R
  40. Min and Max Function in R
  41. Mean function in R:
  42. Median function in R:
  43. Standard Deviation in R
  44. Sum Function in R – sum()
  45. Difference Function in R – diff()
  46. Which Function in R – which()
  47. Reshape in R from wide to long and from long to wide
  48. nrow ncol dim and dimnames function in R
  49. Calculate time difference in R with difftime function
  50. Absolute function in R – abs()
  51. Log function in R – log()
  52. Get and Set working directory in R
  53. Test Equality of Two Objects Using identical Function in R
  54. Get first n rows and last n rows with head and tail function in R
  55. Convert list to vector with unlist function in R
  56. %in% operator in R
  57. any and all function in R
  58. Rowsums ,colsums rowmeans and Columnmeans in R




  • Sridhar Venkatachalam

    With close to 10 years on Experience in data science and machine learning Have extensively worked on programming languages like R, Python (Pandas), SAS, Pyspark.