Mosaic plot in R

Mosaic plot is a graphical representation of two way contingency table which pictographically represents the relationship among two or more categorical variables. Plot is divided into rectangles. In this tutorial, let’s see how to create a mosaic plot in R

Concept behind the mosaic plot:

Let’s consider the UCBAdmisssions data set.

First Split: male and female ratio

male 2691
female 1835

mosaic plot in r

Second split : admission and rejection on male and female

mosaic plot in R 2

Third split: admission and rejection across departments on male and female

Male Female
Department A Admitted 512 89
Rejected 313 19
Department B Admitted 353 17
Rejected 207 8
Department C Admitted 120 202
Rejected 205 391
Department D Admitted 138 131
Rejected 279 244
Department E Admitted 53 94
Rejected 138 299
Department F Admitted 22 24
Rejected 351 317

So the plot will be

mosaic plot in r

How to create mosaic plot in R:

Mosaic plot in R can be created with mosaicplot() function as shown below

# mosaic plot in R with mosaicplot function

mosaicplot(UCBAdmissions, sort = 3:1,
col = hcl(c(120, 10)),
main = "Student admissions at UC Berkeley")
  • first argument is the dataset
  • second argument is vector ordering of the variables
  • third argument is coloring the plot
  • last argument is the mosaic plot heading

so the final mosaic plot will be

mosaic plot in r

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