Dot plot in R (Dot Chart)

Dot plot in R also known as dot chart is an alternative to bar charts, where the bars are replaced by dots. A simple Dot plot in R can be created using dotchart function dotchart(). Lets see few examples on how to create dot plot.

Syntax of dotchart() function in R for Dot plot:

dotchart (NumericVector,  cex = 1, col = “black”, labels = NULL, main = NULL, pch = 1, sub = NULL, xlab = NULL)
NumericVector Numeric vector to be plotted
cex plot scaling factor(size) . More the value of cex, more the plot size will be
col colour of the dot
labels A vector containing the label names for each plotted value.
main Title of the dot chart
pch numeric value which decides the type of plot … if pch=1 then dot, pch=2 then triangle, pch=3 then ‘+’
sub subtitle of the dot chart
xlab x axis label



Example of dot plot in R

We will use the PlantGrowth data set to depict an example of R dot plot

#simple dot plot in R

main="group vs weight",

the above dotchart() function takes up numeric vector as first argument and plots the red dots with labels and title. So the output will be

dot plot in R or dot chart in R

Dot plot in R for groups:

Suppose if we want to create the different dot plots for different group of the same data set, how to do that? For Example PlantGrowth data set have 3 groups ctrl, trt1 and trt2. Lets demonstrate how to differentiate among these 3 groups while plotting a dot chart

#Dot chart in R for groups
#subset and assign colour

pg <- PlantGrowth
pg$color[pg$group=="ctrl"] <- "red"
pg$color[pg$group=="trt1"] <- "Violet"
pg$color[pg$group=="trt2"] <- "blue"

# plot the dot chart
dotchart(PlantGrowth$weight, labels=PlantGrowth$group,cex=0.8,groups= PlantGrowth$group,
main="group vs weight",
xlab="weight", gcolor="black", color=pg$color)


First subset the groups and assign different colour for different groups. Then with the help of dotchart() function use the argument,  groups= PlantGrowth$group  and color= pg$color  as shown above

So the output will be

dot plot in R or dot chart in R with groups


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