Postgresql Tutorial

This set of tutorial on postgresql is designed to make postgresql learning quick and easy.  lets get started with postgresql tutorial

python basics tutorial


1) Find Duplicate Rows in Postgresql 
2) Single line and multi line comment in Postgresql
3) Get Top 10 rows in postgresql (TOP N rows and First N rows)
4) ROW_NUMBER, RANK and DENSE_RANK within group in postgresql
5) FIRST_VALUE, LAST_VALUE and nth_VALUE of group in postgresql
6) LEAD() and LAG() Function in Postgresql
7) Union and union all in postgresql – (row bind)
8) INTERSECT and INTERSECT ALL in postgresql
9) Except and Except ALL in postgresql (Set Difference in Postgresql)
10) Change the column data type in Postgresql
11) Rename the column name in Postgresql – change column name
12) Rename the table name in Postgresql
13) Create the copy of table in Postgresql (with and without data)
14) Sort the column in Postgresql order by – Ascending , Descending 
15) Get Day from Timestamp in Postgresql
16) Get Month from Timestamp in Postgresql 
17) Get YEAR from Timestamp in Postgresql
18) Get QUARTER from Timestamp in Postgresql
19) Get day of year from Timestamp in Postgresql 
20) Get day of week from Timestamp in Postgresql
21) Get Hour from Timestamp in Postgresql
22) Get Minute from Timestamp in Postgresql 
23) Get Second from Timestamp in Postgresql
24) Get Milliseconds from Timestamp in Postgresql 
25) Get Microseconds from Timestamp in Postgresql 
26) Get Absolute value of column in Postgresql
27) Get Cube root of column in Postgresql
28) Get Square root of column in Postgresql 
29) Get Square of column in Postgresql
30) Get Cube of column in Postgresql
31) Raised to the power n in Postgresql – Power() Function
32) Ceil and Floor of column in Postgresql (Round up & Round down)
33) Round off of column in Postgresql (Round() Function)
34) Truncate the value of column in Postgresql (TRUNC() Function)
35) Get Sign of the column value in Postgresql
36) Get Log and Natural Logarithm of the column in postgresql
37) Select random rows from Postgresql



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